Monday, August 26, 2013

not just a romper

Necklace: Ruche (shop!)

Yesterday, we decided to make the drive to the land of vineyards and orchards to go peach picking before the summer was officially over!

My mom is in town, and she is peach's biggest fan, for sure. She loves everything peach, and once we found out there was an orchard open on Sundays that still had trees whose branches were heavy-laden with the sweet fruit, we were out the door!

I decided to wear this soft floral romper, but threw on a belted pair of denim shorts because, well...
Rompers can be kind of janky.

I denied the fact that I wanted a romper for many a day. I secretly wanted to find a romper that fit me, and that was flattering and made sense (which I don't think exists, unless you're Jess from New Girl).
When I saw this pretty one over at Ruche last year, on super-sale for $10, I thought, this is it.
This is the moment a romper and I are going to fall in love and live happily ever after.
This romper, if worn on its own, is the single most inappropriate article of clothing I own.
And yet I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it, because it's soft, pretty, floral, and has this great strappy back that I love.

So, why not?
I use this romper for a blouse, tucked secretly into shorts. Or possibly a skirt, or pants.
The back is adorable, the print is versatile.
And no one has to know that this could also double as super-sassy kitchen attire.


  1. Caitlin, this post-I could not stop laughing! I have a romper that became totally see-through after about two runs through the washer. I just got a chambray one that will hopefully be a little more durable!

    1. In my heart of hearts I'm still hoping to find a romper that's super-cute, durable, flattering and long enough to wear in front of grandma!