Tuesday, August 27, 2013

that new book smell

There's something about a bookstore that is refreshing and inspiring and makes me feel ancient. 
I can remember countless hours spent in our local Barnes and Noble, snatching up bakery goods with mom, coveting the fancy leather journals and waltzing around the kid's aisle. Feeling too shy to play with the toys, but really wanting to. Buying expensive bookmarks for friends. Collecting calendars. Wishing I could afford hardcovers. That momentous occasion when I finally began looking toward the young adult section, rather than the children's. 
How is it that the upcoming generation spends little to no time in bookstores, perusing the young adult fiction section for their next great adventure?

I wonder if there's any truth to the idea that books will be entirely electronic eventually.

There's a person somewhere inside me that clenches her teeth, pushes up her horn-rimmed glasses and cocks her hip while shouting emphatically "Never!"
But on the other hand, there's no use denying that the number of books, journals and articles available electronically is steadily on the rise.
Kindles have converted even the strictest (and horn-rimmed glassiest) of folks. 

Having said that, I'm confident I'll be long gone by the time the smell of new books ceases to move people. 

Skirt/Shoes: Zulily, Sweater: Gifted, Top: Ruche (similar)

On a completely separate note, what's the general consensus out there about Gwyneth Paltrow?
All sources point to her being snobby, pretentious and occasionally difficult to work with...
And yet I still see her and think she's completely fantastic. 
(The best thing about admiring celebrities - you can pretty much make up whatever you want about them, because you'll never know them in real life.)

So Gwyn: love her, or unlove her?



  1. Remembering this B&N!!! I fell in love with the author portraits above the cafe area! Oh the random things you miss about cities you've lived in hehehe. <3

  2. Oh I know, they're so great!! Have you guys ever done a bookstore date? You should try it -- I'm planning a fun one for our Valentine's Day!