Thursday, August 8, 2013

Targét and the chambray way

I pulled into the Target parking lot last night, and right as I did, a deluge poured down upon me.
It lasted for approximately 1 minute - aka, the time it took for me to gather the courage to leave my car and sprint the length of the parking lot to get to the front door. I was unceremoniously drenched, and people in the store looked at me like I was nuts, since it had already stopped raining by then.

I love Target. It was the common shopping spot for my roommates and I throughout my time in college, since the Wal-Mart was sketchy and the mall was too much temptation.
Granted, we somehow managed to escape Target with empty pockets and loads of clothes, toiletries and furniture we didn't even need, but it still seemed the sensible option when we just needed "a few things".
That fond feeling of camaraderie with Target has remained, even though I live with a boy now and don't often make whimsical Target trips to try on sunglasses and stroll along the home decor aisle pretending like a fancy (ish, this is Target after all) woman who can totally afford to decorate with an ottoman in each room and giant wall art and lamps with crystals and dozens of ornate picture frames.
We liked to give Target the pseudo-French name of "Targét" (Tar-ZHAY) and waltz around like we owned the place.

I just now found out that people have been jokingly saying "Targét" since 1962, the year the very first Target was opened. I am shocked and appalled we didn't invent this ourselves.
You win again, Wikipedia. 

Top (shop!): Old Navy, Bottoms/Jewelry (shop!): Ruche, Shoes: Zulily

Chambray is the new way.
Most bloggers and basically all-around clothes-wearers own at least one chambray shirt nowadays.
I finally gave in, albeit cheatingly, with this thin $6 Old Navy top that boasts a sweet floral print and the spirit of the chambray trend.
I've really enjoyed wearing it (remixed here), and have also been told by at least four other people "I have that same shirt!"
The curse of living in an anti-shopping town with an Old Navy.
It could also just be the curse of Old Navy, no matter where you live.
But I'm not sure I mind having a few twinsies out there. I kind of enjoy an occasional matchy matchy moment.
So, hey! This top is $6. Go buy it!

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