Monday, August 5, 2013

summer's end

I was recently feeling disappointed in the end of summer, lamenting that August has arrived when I feel like we haven't crossed nearly enough "summer" things off of our to-do list.
It's been an odd sort of summer, cool weather and days spent cooped up in the office or huddled under an umbrella. Very odd indeed.

That being said, I was completely rejuvenated by a post I read this week by Christin Willis over at We Heart Photography.
She posts these adorable "little love stories" that I always love to read.
It was called "The Bucket List" - it immediately caught my attention because Dusty and I have an in-progress Bucket List for our last year in Lynchburg!

Christin and her hubby Jacob had a similar experience - they decided to sit down and write a summer bucket list. But by the time August came around, Christin was lamenting over the lack of strikes through their fun summer activities.
She then had a miraculous discovery: the end of summer (aka the official "first day of Fall") isn't until September 22nd. 

That means we still have a glorious month and a half of summer love in the air, and while school may be starting and everything on our summer-to-do list may not be perfect, and some things may not even happen at all...the spirit of the bucket list is much more than that.

The point is, there’s a reason you make a bucket list. The bucket list reminds you of that romanticized dream of summer (or life). It takes you back to the moment when you imagined yourself frolicking, dancing, enjoying your life. Not all of the things on the list will turn out the way you thought. It might be freezing on the scooter ride day and the bed and breakfast might be more of a bugs and breakfast; but, on the night of live music and dancing, your husband might look at you, and see the young, free-spirited girl he fell in love with, and he might just smile and think, “I am the luckiest.”
- Christin Willis, We Heart Photography

I couldn't have put it any better myself!
I'm off to plan that sunset hike, and try and see when we can spend a day floating lazily down the James river...

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