Thursday, October 3, 2013

creative layering: stripes and ruffles

One of my favorite things is when an outfit happens on accident.
I absolutely love this dress (I'm a sucker for stripes), but I honestly never wear these types of dresses/necklines. I'm more prone to wear sweetheart or scoop neck, because these dresses tend to fit me strangely and, real talk: they're busty.
I've only worn this dress a few times because I hate having to constantly tug at my camisole underneath, and it's also a bit too short for work.
(Previous remix here: worn with skinny jeans and a scarf).

But the stripes and cute shoulder bows are kind of irresistible.
When I accidently hung this dress and black top beside each other in my closet, it clicked: yo, hey, ruffles combat bustiness.
True story.

Dress: Ruche, Top: Gifted, Pants (similar!): Kohl's (remix, remix)

I've talked about this before, but these Vera Wang pants-leggings-things...jumpin' jehosaphat, they are comfy.

Me, as a jumping jehosaphat.

To not have these pants is a complete crime against your legs, and general bottom region.

Frocktober, day 2, success!

Completely by coincidence, a handful of the bloggers I follow happened to wear some form of maroon and black/grey this week.

Kitsune Kun

A Spoonful of Style

The Caffeinated Closet
M Loves M

I kind of love it! Well played, everyone.


  1. this dress is super cute :) I think the bows and the ruffles on your shirt make a good pair.

    1. Aw thanks Kaity!! I've been loving following your outfits on Instagram!