Sunday, June 30, 2013

calm before the storm: outfit 14

Outfit 14:

This was my Saturday outfit, although I didn't actually take the pictures until today.
Right as we began taking pictures, it began to sprinkle, and as soon as we hurried inside it began to pour!
It seems determined to be rainy and cloudy all week long.
Anyway, on Saturday, Dusty and I went downtown to the farmer's market, picked up a few veggies, and then we went out to breakfast. It was such a fun little date!

I also had the amazing discovery that my absolute favorite coffee shop, which closed down, actually has another little coffee shop in the lobby of a downtown bank and still serves my beloved lavender latte!!
I thought it was gone forever, so it truly was a life-changing discovery.
The rest of my day was spent having afternoon tea with my visiting friend Amber, and shopping around some downtown antique shops and boutiques.
It was a great day!

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