Monday, June 17, 2013

15to15: outfit 1

I announced earlier that I wanted to launch a new outfit challenge - some sort of summer closet remix that would spur into the spirit of summer and help get my creative juices flowing once again.
Enter, the 15to15! Using 15 basic items from my closet and creating 15 consecutive outfits.

Introducing outfit number 1!

Featuring a simple studded beige bag, a checkered J. Crew blouse, a "cleopatra" style necklace, my new floral denim skinnies from Old Navy and some neutral pewter flats.

Top: J. Crew (similar), Pants: Old Navy (similar), Necklace: Francesca's (similar)

Speaking of Francesca's, their jewelry collection is nuts.
We finally have a little developing shopping center near Lynchburg (a LOFT coming soon!!) and walking into Francesca's is so overwhelming. It's a small boutique, but the selection is enormous, especially in the jewelry department. I could stare at the multitude of colors and shapes for hours. It's delightful.
I definitely plan on building on my Francesca's collection!

I wore this outfit all day yesterday, and while it was a surprisingly muggy day, I couldn't help but wear these pants. I've become a sucker for floral pants, but this denim version is my new love.
I really look forward to wearing them all year long!
I snatched them up on the sale rack at Old Navy (shopping for some new clothes for my husband - he was sweet enough to let me tag along and get something for myself!)

What do you think?
Stay tuned for the next 14 outfits, including today's dress!

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