Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the mint dress: outfit 2

There's nothing more basic and delightful than a favorite dress and a soft cardigan.
This is yesterday's outfit, number 2 in the 15to15 challenge!

I love the length of this dress. It's one of the first longer dresses I ever purchased, and it has remained a favorite of mine. This week has been cloudy and muggy, and having this dress be a part of this challenge was a great choice!
I also happened to wear this dress on a snowy day in Paris.
I almost always wear an extra layer on top of what's necessary during the summer, because my office is always pretty cool. So while I probably wouldn't wear this cardigan with this dress during the hot summer weekend days, it's perfect for work!

Dress: Ruche, Shoes: Zulily

Today I took two huge bags of clothes down to our local consignment shop.
I had never consigned before, but I took a bunch of jewelry and lightly worn clothes there a few months ago and had a lot of luck! So I decided to do another thorough sweep of my clothes this month, and made the trip. It feels so great to clear out my closet of clothes I love but just don't wear anymore.
There's always that classic rule of "if you haven't worn it in a year, toss it!"
While I definitely don't follow that on a regular basis, I really did a clean sweep this last time and feel great about saying goodbye to the clutter. I don't know why I have such a hard time parting with things, because as soon as I do I feel lighter. Never once have I jumped into a panic saying, "I can't believe I got rid of those pants! They would go so great with these shoes."
In fact, most of the time I find myself having trouble remembering what could possibly have filled those two huge bags of clothes.
Out with the old, in with the new. A constant recycling of clothes and furniture and decor, it's the way life goes! The bottom line? Don't weigh yourself down by assigning value to things that isn't there. While some things may have sentimental value (I have had my fair share of prized possessions that may seem completely trivial to others), at the end of the day they're just things.

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