Friday, June 21, 2013

creative layering: outfit 4

Dress: Ruche, Shoes: Zulily

The fourth outfit in my mix-and-match challenge (taking 15 items to create 15 outfits!) utilizes my patterned skirt with a solid dress tucked into it.

This may be my favorite outfit so far.
There are many reasons why I love dresses, but the most recent reason is because they're so versatile. While they're simple and an outfit in and of themselves, they can also be tucked into a skirt to act like a blouse, or worn beneath another blouse to act like a skirt.
I love this dress because of the beautiful sheer details, and also because it's probably my favorite color to wear. I recently noticed that I have an abundance of this bright coral color, and other variances like peach and pink, in my wardrobe. I'm always drawn to it.

While this photoshoot was taken rather humorously in a mall parking lot with a couple of friends right before we went to see a movie, I always enjoy finding bright patches of grass and flowers all over a city. Sometimes it's easy to overlook, but landscaping is such a huge part of the upkeep of a property. It makes a huge difference. I remember in college, always being in awe of the pristine lawn and the giant basins of flowers, and the fountains. It's a lot of work (and we often witnessed the upkeep as we walked to class) but the effect is easy to see and appreciate, if we take the time to do so. 


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