Friday, June 28, 2013

mint and humidity: outfit 11

Dress: Ruche, Top: LOFT, Shoes: Zulily

Outfit 11 was perfect for a rainy day and a night out on the town. 
And by "out on the town" I mean a great dinner at our favorite sushi place, for half-off Wednesdays!

I love how wearing this top beneath this dress adds just a subtle new layer, with some ruffles peeking out the top. The almost-cap sleeves of the blouse made it work-appropriate and comfortable.

Will the real summertime please stand up?
It has been so confusing having this whole week be so mild and sunshine-less. Cloudy days with April-esque showers and pretty breezes. I'm not really sure whether to beg for real summer or thank the Lord for the blessing of cool summer weather. The only real problem with all of this is that the humidity is crazy (hence my sad, limp hair that flips out at odd ends in desperate rebellion). But I'd rather have cool humidity than bright humid sunshine. 

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