Friday, June 14, 2013

looking for a challenge

I've been brainstorming about a summer fashion challenge.

As you may know, Frocktober was my big endeavor last Fall, and was the driving force for my plunge into outfit posts and fashion ideas.
Ruche was having a "Frocktober" promotion, where they were releasing a special new dress every day of October. So in the spirit of dresses, I decided to wear a dress every day of October.
It was really fun.

I realized that I have a lot of dresses, and also that I tend to prefer wearing dresses. They're comfortable and easy to remix, they're versatile and also simple - a dress is a built-in outfit. Throw it over your head and slip into some shoes and you're good to go. If you have time for a cute hairdo and some accessories, that's just a bonus.

I enjoy giving myself challenges with my clothes because it inspires and motivates. It's exciting to look past my normal go-tos and say, can I mix this up?

Top/Shoes/Teacup: Ruche (shop shoes), Skirt: LOFT

These pictures/this outfit were for a little Instagram contest with Ruche. I love giveaways, I love contests and I definitely love Instagram.

All that being said, I need some ideas. I'd love to proceed into the last half of June with a new challenge to get into the spirit of summer. Maybe something along the lines of the 5to5 post, but on a bigger scale. Something that could last a week or two.

Any ideas?

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