Friday, October 11, 2013

the time and place

Happy Friday!!

Head on over to Ruche's Blog this afternoon for a fun Frocktober feature!
Two of my outfits from last week are featured, as well as some other lovely ensembles from other adorable bloggers out there!

Also, this dress from Ruche is now on sale for $14.50. Kind of amazing. There are only a couple left, so polka-dot it up!

I'm thrilled it's the weekend.
A bunch of us are playing volleyball tonight (clinging to summer, obviously) and this weekend the hubs and I are heading to Richmond to see my favorite band, Needtobreathe, in concert.
I won a contest for free tickets, a meet & greet with the band, and some signed merchandise - so even though this entire entry isn't in all caps like I secretly want it to be, I'm about to jump out of my skin with excitement. 

Frocktober has been happening happily - I love dresses, and I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I've pretty much only invested in dresses for a long time now. They're my favorite thing to wear. It doesn't matter the temperature or the event or the time of day, I'm all about frocks. 
This is my Frocktober, day 9:

There's something about putting stripes and florals together that just speaks to me.
I think I was born to pattern mix - I think if you went back to my earliest journals, I was throwing stripes, polka dots, flowers...all in the same composition. 
I think there's a time and place for the truly classic - a black dress with sparkly jewelry, a standard button-up and pencil skirt. I'm just hardly ever in those times and places. 

Dress: Zulily, Sweater (similar, similar): Forever21, Jewelry (similar, similar): Ruche

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