Sunday, October 13, 2013

space cadet

I'm gonna try not to completely overdo this, but this is the best dress I've ever owned.

Alright. Now that I've overdone it, I'll go ahead and tell you why.
Somewhere along the way, I became enamored with stars. Probably a very common trait of any adolescent girl, but I'm also sure it had something to do with the incredible night sky at my parent's house in Arizona. Growing  up being very familiar with the big dipper and all its friends was something I adored, and grew to understood the immense beauty of.

When I was 12, one of my best friend's moved away. I remember her plopping down in the grass and looking up at the night sky, saying, "Promise me you'll lie down and look at the stars every chance you get. Promise me you won't ever take this for granted."
Now that we live in Virginia, I know how she felt! Where we live the stars are near impossible to see, except on the clearest of nights. And even then, the lights are usually too bright throughout the city. 
I miss seeing them, and always having them easily seen overhead.
Some things are easily taken for granted, until you no longer have them -- but now, every time I go back to Arizona, I take that time to plop down in the grass and look up at the stars. I keep that promise. 

Dress (shop!): Modcloth, Cardigan: J. Crew

The first time I saw a space/galaxy inspired print on a dress, I was immediately enamored.
I knew someday I would own one, I just wasn't sure what kind it would be. This one from modcloth was the perfect fit, and once I got it (birthday gift, thanks mom!) I knew it was love at first sight.
Other than the fact that the print is absurdly awesome, it's also the softest, silkiest, most amazingly delightful dress I've ever worn. (It also harbors thoughts of things like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and other deliciously nerdy things). 
The open back, v-neck, and loose fit are some of my favorite details. I'm quite in love.
To infinity and beyond.

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