Wednesday, October 9, 2013

loving mary margaret

I watch way too much TV.

Dusty and I often find ourselves in the midst of 10+ shows at a time, before we get extremely overwhelmed and end up weeding out some of the lower priority shows. We watch every show together, but the truth is, as a law student, he really should not (and usually cannot) watch so much TV.
Because of study time and date nights and various other activities, we end up getting behind and I'm left twiddling my thumbs until he has time to catch up on our long list of backlogged episodes.
Summers are basically just one giant TV marathon for us.

That being said, I decided I needed a few shows that were mine. 
Thus, my embarrassing binge-watching of shows like Vampire Diaries and Downton Abbey!

One of the shows we began watching together was Once Upon a Time. We watched season 1, but then slowly began getting behind and never really caught up.
I recently began watching it again, claiming it as one of my shows. It's fun and cheesy and I remembered why I loved it so much: Mary Margaret's clothes. 

She's so cute, it's ridiculous.
I've long been a fan of Ginny Goodwin, ever since she played a slightly chubbier cello player that burst into the boy's dorm rooms after hours to get her guy in Mona Lisa Smile. One of my favorite movies!
As soon as I started catching up on season 2 of Once Upon a Time I was totally hooked on her outfits once more. Her character is so classy and chic.
Two of her looks stuck out to me, and I'm totally going to use them as style inspiration this fall/winter!

Belted Red Dress:

Mary Margaret:                                                                                    Similar:
Ruche (shop!)

 Button-up Plaid Skirt:

Mary Margaret:


Ruche (shop!)
Ruche (shop!)

LOFT (shop!)
Modcloth (shop!)

Which TV show character's style do you drool over?

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