Friday, October 4, 2013

the gatsby car

Frocktober, day 3!

I love movies where an inanimate object seems to have a life of its own - its own stage presence, even a character identity of sorts. 
One of the greatest examples of this is Wilson the Volleyball from Cast Away. 
TV shows also tend to take advantage of the sentiment or silent characterization a single object can have - I think back to the series finale of Friends, when they move out of the apartment and it feels like you're losing someone incredibly dear to you. 

Wearing this dress yesterday, my friend (who's in town from Arizona for my birthday week!) said, "That print is like you're covered in Gatsby cars!"
I'm totally fine with wearing anything Gatsby related, by the way. 
In any case, it's totally true. This dress is like a girly, retro-fied version of a Gatsby car print.

Gatsby's car is one of those inanimate object characters that totally steals the show every scene. It's one of the main tools used to define Gatsby - in all of his epic wealth and tragedy. 
It has a presence all its own, and even manages to be at the helm of a very important plot twist!

Dress (shop!)(remixed)/Top: Ruche, Jacket: LOFTEarrings (similar): Noon

What are some of your favorite "characters" from movies/TV shows you love?

I think I'll be spending the rest of my work day listening to Lana Del Rey on repeat.

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