Thursday, October 24, 2013

my first guest post

Good morning everyone!

I told you all before about Cara Box, and how much I enjoyed it! Well, I decided to sign up again for the fall season.
I have been paired with two lovely bloggers, one of whom is the lovely bloggess of My Life as a Long.
As it happens, we have the same name! Cait and Cait!
It's not very often that us Caitlins come across another Caitlin with the same spelling.
As every Starbucks barista I've ever encountered would testify, it's one of the trickier names to spell correctly. Way too many variations.
Although I'm pretty convinced that the one barista that spelled it "Katz" was just being ornery.

Anyway, I've run down a rabbit hole. The lovely Cait is off galavanting across deep blue waters, cruisin' it up in honor of her and her husband's anniversary! She asked me to come up with a fun guest post so that her blog would remain active while she was away.
I happily obliged, writing up a quick post on some of my favorite fall layering tips. 
I would love for you to go read it!


  1. Thanks to this post I was inspired to layer a chambray under my dress today... I got so many compliments! So thanks!

  2. Really?? That makes me so happy! I love it!