Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the fairgrounds

There's something enchanting about a fair.
Especially a State Fair - it sounds so grand and invigorating, something that unites everyday locals by serving them junk food with twinkling music and bright lights and games that you know are rigged but you can't help but play anyway. It's competitive and recreational, playful and intoxicating.

We went to a State Fair this past Saturday and stood around various food booths for at least an hour straight when we first arrived.
Bloomin' onions, mini donuts, hot french fries with vinegar, corn on the cob with cajun and parmesan, fried cookie dough and frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate. For some reason nothing at the fair actually fills your stomach - it all just makes you more hungry. It's bewitched.

It was a pretty busy night, and we arrived right at sunset so we got to enjoy the fair right at the beginning of its glorious night time glow. We didn't ride any rides because the lines were so long, but we did sing, dance, skip, eat, laugh, play, eat, eat, and eat.

Last year was my husband's first time going to a State Fair, so I'm glad we were able to go again this year -- and this time with friends, who grew up in the area and have gone every year since they were little! It's a fun tradition and it was even more fun to hear their favorite spots, and to see how quickly they could find their way in the maze of littered popcorn and bustling strangers. 
Last year was so warm, but this year it was slightly drizzly at first and stayed pretty cool throughout the evening. I love this dress for its endless versatility (see it remixed here), and I kept it pretty casual with an open plaid top (remixed here), tights and boots, and a coat for the rain and chilly breezes.

It was fun to experiment with a photo shoot at night --- I always try to avoid those, but there are so many lights and so many colors that the pictures turned out pretty cool. We also got to enjoy a fireworks show later that evening! 
It was the perfect way to pretend to be a kid again, road tripping and skipping around the fairgrounds on a dreary Saturday night. 


  1. these pictures came out so cool! and I love this outfit - your dress and your shirt are both really pretty :)

  2. Thanks Kaity!! This shirt is one of my favorites -- accidental find at Ross, of all places!