Monday, October 28, 2013

work the skirt

Dress: J. Crew
Day 22: Last Tuesday I did something crazy and wore a skirt under my dress, instead of over it. 
It was a bold move, but I was feeling risky, and felt the need to try it out.
I got the idea from another blogger friend (Stephanie of Anie Inspired) who made this post, featuring a Frocktober outfit that layered a classic black dress with a cat-print skirt underneath it. 
I've seen ruffled and laced slips used beneath dresses in the same way, and it can be a really great tool to lengthen shorter dresses! But for people like me who have yet to invest in a fancy slip, this is a great alternative.
It can also add an extra layer of warmth, which I'm definitely going to need! Today I decided that it has finally hit the morning temperatures that require a coat and gloves before leaving the house.

Day 23: Wednesday was a comfy day for sure. I reached for the closest cozy sweater I could find, and happily it was this bright pink one!

Dress (remixed): Ruche, Sweater: LOFT, Booties: Urbanog

I was still working through my cold, and knew all of my makeup would most likely be gone by lunchtime. I wanted something easy and comfortable, but still interesting! The result was this multi-layered outfit that was bright and oh-so-comfy.
This floral dress has seen a lot of wear in my closet.. I love the colors, it's comfortable, and it's easy to put together with other things in my closet. A floral dress is definitely something every girl's closet should have. In my humble, floral-loving opinion.
I wear this one with jeans often, because it's on the shorter side. It looks really cute with my pineapple colored pants, too!


  1. love that you tried the "skirt-under" thing too! i seriously need more cute dresses like you tho.... >_<

  2. I'm definitely more envious of your adorable cat skirt. ^_^