Friday, October 3, 2014

aside from pumpkin {frocktober, day 2}

Yesterday was a lazy day as far as pictures are concerned. I think the whole mood started when I heard Katy Perry's "Friday Night" on the radio. Something about hearing "tgif!" chanted over and over seems a little unfair on a Thursday. Needless to say, Frocktober was just as fabulous as ever, but we got bogged down with errands and things and weren't able to take any proper photos. I still wore my dress all the day long and thoroughly enjoyed this cool-weather traipse through the desert to capture these couple of grainy photos on my phone.

The desert is gorgeous right now. Still warm during the days, but not too hot, delightfully chilly in the mornings and evenings. Fall gets a lotta love for being the best season around. I didn't really care about it until I moved to Virginia and realized that it actually is the best season around. It's absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the flavors, the crisp air, the coziness, the love for life that comes swiftly and easily every time you step out your door. It really is the best. Being an adopted east coaster for a while really taught me the joys of it. I hope we can eventually design an annual trip out there for the prime golden time.
BUT pumpkin gets crazy amounts of attention for being the Fall mascot, and even though I love it, I'm gonna have to say I love these flavors even more:

Butternut Squash
Pumpkin is just another squash, and yet it gets elevated to godhood while little butternutter just stands there begging for love. In Australia they actually call it Butternut Pumpkin, which I think is quite rightI just don't think there's anything better than a warm, creamy bowl of butternut squash soup. Holy gourd, it seeps right through your body like a miracle. It's beautiful.

In my opinion, caramel is best served with a really bitter dark chocolate. Caramel is often too sweet, which is also a big fault of the general pumpkin-flavored multitudes. I need something to offset that sweetness. Which is why I also adore salted caramel and my dad's caramel popcorn. He makes his own caramel, piping hot and boiling, and pours it over a giant bowl of freshly popped kernels. It's honestly the best part of the holidays for me.

One of my favorite episodes of Friends is the one where Ross and Chandler go to Vermont, and Ross gets totally crazy and sugar-high twitchy over maple candy. I can totally relate! Maple donuts are the only donuts for me. Slightly warmed up with creamy coffee - yum!
Close flavor favorites to this are crunchy toffee and butter rum.

I really think Fall is the time for nut-flavors. Hazelnut, pecan, walnut, almond. Almond especially goes so well with fall spices, like cinnamon and spiced chocolate. I wish Starbucks carried almond syrup, because that would be lovely. But in that regard, hazelnut is the king.

I recently discovered that Starbucks actually carries a hazelnut drizzle, and I'm seriously wondering how in the world no one told me this before. Thank goodness for that apt barista who followed his hunch and asked, would you like hazelnut drizzle on this? Well of course I do! Where have you been all my life! Your brethren have let me down!                                          

Hazelnut is my daily comfort. It's what I put in my coffee every morning (and occasionally in my iced coffee with drizzle in the afternoons). It's rich and lightly sweet and carries extra special meaning once the weather begins to cool. And also, nutella. That's all.

Pushing the big-headed pumpkin aside, what's your favorite Fall flavor? 

I'm extra excited because tonight is my little birthday get together, and we're having a bonfire with a s'mores bar. Best idea in the universe. And yes, nutella will be an honored guest. 
We spent last night getting groceries and cleaning up. We even hung a little gypsy-garden of lights over a large wooden table and chairs on the back porch. I think I may just move out there. 
Can't wait to show you all photos. It's going to be a great birthday weekend!