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reign: put on your queen face

On Thursdays we watch Reign!

Welcome, my dahlings, to another Reign post. 
Honestly I just can't help it. Not only is this show completely intoxicating in its wardrobe choices, it also just has that nitty gritty addictive ingredient that keeps me obsessed. It also occasionally gives me a toothache, because of the extra-sweet things like #Frary, beardless Nostradamus, and Bash's courage.

I know and understand and accept that this show is absurd, but I can't help but care about it. I want to post rants about Lola (UGH LOLA) and comment on the uppage of leather usage and talk about how angry everyone is and how much the plague sucks.

So join with me if you will - and if you don't care a flying hoot about this crazy show, at least you can ooh and aah at all the outfits because lookit. 

I want to start with saying that gold is obviously the new black, and black is obviously the new gold. It makes sense in my head but the bottom line is that a plague-infested France means lots of dark colors and brooding. Although the brooding may also have something to do with assassinations and illegitimate children and plotting and marital issues and GHOSTS but that's a whole different conversation. 

Apparently all of those things are just really encouraging for dark leather.

Unless you're a villain then RED LEATHER IT IS. 
Because red = evil. 

(Is it weird that I kind of want him and Lola to get together? Seeing them hovering over a dead body together just screams chemistry. Maybe the red leather actually stands for "evil but secretly has a heart of gold"). 

Also, look at Nosty. I kind of hate the nickname "Nosty" but his new baby-face just begs to be nicknamed. Maybe "little Damus?" Or maybe I'll just start calling him Gandalf. The point being, Nostradamus is a hunky giant wizard man. I think I knew he was tall, but he's really tall.

I'm becoming increasingly concerned for his character, though. Last we saw him he was riding away like the Hunchback of Notre Dame after being almost drawn and quartered, and we have yet to know his fate. He can't possibly stay away forever! Considering Catherine tried to kill-by-snake the love of his life mere episodes ago to keep him from leaving, I can hardly stand it that she hasn't even mentioned his mysterious disappearance. We sort of need him to keep the doomsday visions up-to-date. Or I suppose they could just bring in more ghosts, which I'm totally okay with because that nurse was amazing at being the horrifying, eyebrow wielding Henry! As soon as this season started I remember thinking, "I hope Henry comes back as a ghost. That would be fun."
Except that it wouldn't be fun for anybody because he was the worst.

I'll say again: brooding abounds. Nobody is happy. Everyone is scowling, glaring, worrying, pouting, whimpering, crying, yelling or worse. (The "worse" being dying of plague).
This is the Reign of full-on stink faces.

Side note: I want Francis and Mary to be matching all of the time. Cuties.

It's a good thing all of these people are beautiful because even despairing, they're nice to look at. Mary rocks at wearing furry coats and wearing her QUEEN FACE.

Black and gold, guys, black and gold everywhere. Mary totally had that combo down pat all throughout season 1 (before it was cool to be sad), but the beginning of season 2 brought the entire kingdom into these sombre tones. A symbol of the heavy Darkness. Even though Darkness was just a creepy, sharp-toothed guy, he was apparently right on the money because the plague actually did come, nasty sores were seen, people died, and worst of all, Leith got his land taken away from him! Oh the injustice!

Let's go back to that red-leather guy for a sec. His name is Narcisse and he's trying to swoop in and take over all the cray cray that's up for grabs in the wake of king Henry's death. (And maybe to take Lola as bride numero quatro?)
I can handle a lot of his snark and greediness, but taking Leith's land away was grade A jerk level. I'm hoping Francis can come up with a mighty replacement for good-hearted Leith because he deserves way better. You know who doesn't deserve better? Greer, for breaking his heart in the first place.
(It's okay, I understand you, Greer. But really. Love or money? Which one lasts longer? Also, side note, your father is a tool.)

I'm now giggling because if you don't watch this show this is just a bunch of babbling nonsense.

Here's some more pretty clothes:

Anyway, my favorite thing about these dark beginnings is that by the time the Coronation arrives, the shocking, vibrant red that takes over the screen is breathtaking. Everyone is still wearing black and gold, but then Mary and Francis, the crowned King and Queen, are rocking the red.
It's a punch to the senses after so much dreariness, and I absolutely love it.

And thus began the new era of color! 

The new queen and king were crowned and in love and happy as clams, and the plague was over, so color could finally be granted at the castle once again. Florals were encouraged. Lace capelets were passed out like candy. Bejeweled bodices were honored guests!

I think, if I may be so bold, my favorite episode clothes-wise so far has been The Lamb and The Slaughter. I don't think I've ever seen the ladies of the show so beautifully dressed, and all fluttering together like butterflies. Post-plague days are all happiness and champagne. (But don't worry, there is also still plenty of intrigue, including demon horsemen and murder and more restless spirits).

I adore Greer's green velvet dress (which is really saying something, because I don't like velvet), and these are a few of my other favorites:


Leith and Greer has been one of my favorite side stories since the show first introduced it. I have always rooted for them and hoped that, somehow, they could be together. I always laughed a bit when Greer was sidled up with silly, more "appropriate" suitors that would provide her the security and status she so desperately needs. I laughed at poor Mr. Castleroy, whom she called Lord Peppercorn, who seemed like just another little sidetrack to her real romance with Leith.
But then bam! Peppercorn grew some healthy stubble on his face and put some product in his hair, and all of a sudden he's sultry and interesting and totally perfect for her!
Now I don't know what to do!

Ooh la la!

Okay - I loved this next outfit for several reasons. 
First of all, Mary is gorgeous in pink and gold. Secondly, I love sweet moments between Mary and Francis so much I can't stand it - especially when they're short-lived. I just want them to be happy for Pete's sake. Lastly, I recognized Mary's unique earrings from one of her season 1 outfits, which always makes me really excited for some reason.
This show actually reuses things here and there, and I enjoy spotting them. I've noticed them repeating items like earrings, belts, blouses, and other accessories throughout the 25+ episodes. I covet so much of their fashion that I have started to notice when something makes a reprise appearance. I love when they re-wear clothing and accessories because it feels more authentic. And when absolutely nothing else about the show is authentic, it makes for a funny and enjoyable little surprise!

Do you remember the season 1 outfit featuring these earrings? Hint: go here!)

I take that back - the show is authentic. Not authentically historical, but authentically Reign. It's a fantasy. They definitely know what they're doing. They're purposeful and creative and have made their own beautifully-clothed fiction. And we're all happier for it.
Except, as I mentioned, when bad men wear red leather and Leith gets his farm stolen.
But I digress.

This episode in particular made me cry. Not because of the demon horses, I might add.
I thought the ending of the episode was one of the saddest and most beautiful of them all, and it made me heartily curse the darn history books for revealing to me that Francis will die within a year of their marriage.
I'm just so glad they're in love and working together and that Mary is so kind and forgiving, and that Francis is sweet again and flying lanterns. I want their remaining time together to be good.
I'm also so hoping Reign can continue to create their own history so that Francis can just live and they can have babies and be happy forever and ever.

P.S. I have realized, after going through my first two Reign posts, that I have devoted entirely too little time to the wickedly talented and devious queen Catherine. I love her heartily, and I feel like her fashion has really come into its own these last several episodes. She has always had copious amounts of gorgeous jewels and crowns, but I think post-Henry life has been really freeing for her and her wardrobe. I promise to carve out a special Catherine portion in my next Reign post which, I fear, will be rather soon.

I just hope Nostradamus is back by then!

Major credit to Fashima's Fashion of Reign Tumblr, which is one of my favorite sources for Reign details! Check out her page for exact outfit and accessories info, as well as countless Reign-inspired conversations and inspirations. She's fantastic!

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