Thursday, October 23, 2014

render me handless {frocktober, day 22}

Dress (remixed 1, 2, 3, 4): Ruche, Sweater/Shoes: gifted

Yesterday I posted an Instagram of this outfit while I was finishing my coffee in the break room, and the caption on the photo said,

"I know they don't make a whole lotta functional sense, 
but I adore sweaters that render me handless."

I said it just to be witty and silly, since my hands were completely hidden in the sparkly folds of this cozy sweater. And it's true - I love me some sweaters. I have been wearing sweaters throughout this entire month, even though it has barely dipped below 90 degrees. I call them my "stubborn sweaters". I want it to be Fall, and so it will be, even if it's just in my mind. I would rather sweat a little on the walk to my car than dress in shorts and tank tops in the middle of October. It's too depressing!

But as the day went on I started thinking a little bit deeper about the idea of rendering myself handless. I won't invite you completely into my train of thought because I'm not sure you ever wanna really get inside my head. 
Like one of my favorite moments in an episode of Friends, where Phoebe is trying to remember an important restaurant, supposedly with "rainbow" in the title. After a while of Chandler guessing, she finally yells out, "L'Espace!" So he says, "Rainbow L'Espace!" And she shakes her head. "No, just L'Espace." He thinks for a second. "I'd love to know how you got from rainbow to L'Espace." And her eyes widen. "No you wouldn't. You don't wanna get in here."

Anyway. Down the rabbit hole again! Back to the issue at hand. 

What would it be like without hands? There are obviously humans in the world that have been actually rendered handless, either from birth or by some tragic accident, and they have to adjust accordingly. Everything about their daily functionality and physical movement and interaction changes. It's incredibly difficult to imagine. 
There is also the scripture verse in Matthew that says if your right hand offends you, or causes you to stumble, cut it off. I don't personally take that verse literally, because I think we'd all be limbless or dead if that were the case. But the idea still sits here, simmering in my mind. 

Rendering myself handless. It would revolutionize the way I live. I would be unable to reach for things. Unable to reach, greedily, for things I could not afford. Unable to grab another in anger. Unable to eat without thought or restraint. Unable to text and drive, or spend time clicking away on my phone instead of being present with loved ones. I would have to ask, see, discern. I would have to choose carefully and live creatively.

It's an interesting thought.
So, Lord, guide my hands - or render me handless. 

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