Wednesday, October 8, 2014

wanderlust wednesday

It's October! And it's a Wednesday. Which means Wanderlust Wednesday and Frocktober all rolled into one! My two very favorite things. What a wonderful day it is.
I've been posting Frocktober outfits almost daily. I will be posting two outfits tomorrow, day 7 & 8, because I decided to wear the same dress two days in a row to showcase some remixing! So today's post can be all about that elusive spellbinding wanderlust.

These photos are from the glorious little hipster-loving town of Florence, Italy.
I confess it wasn't our favorite city on our Italy trip, but it definitely has its charms. Many of our friends rave about this place, and I think I can understand why. Although we found it to be very thick with spoiled young Americans, crowded and smoky and dirty (especially our apartment), Florence does have its stunners. Things like the Piazzale Michelangelo, which boasts one of the most exquisite views in all of Italy. We hiked up the many steps to overlook the city right before sunset, listening to a local musician sing and play while all the lights began to warm the rooftops with their golden glow. Things like the Statue of David, which is so much grander in person than I expected. He has a lot to say, and won't mind if you linger a while to speak with him. Things like the Duomo, which is so impossibly intricate it's hard to describe in words. The gargantuan church is crammed in a small tourist-filled square, and it sticks out like an intricate embroidery in the midst of a pile of napkins. Things like bike-riding along the Arno, adrenaline rushing and hair whipping, or riding a taxi outside the city center to a little underground pizzeria (Pizzeria Spera, go there) to eat the best gosh-darn pizza on the entire planet.
With those types of tools at its disposal, Florence did eventually capture us. And, of course, Florence was the home base that allowed us to venture out to San Gimignano.
While we both agree that we loved Rome best, Florence deserves a salute and perhaps a sweet blown kiss.
Mostly for that pizza, though, amiright?

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