Saturday, October 4, 2014

bar of s'mores {frocktober, day 3}

This outfit is a replica of one I wore during my first Frocktober in 2012, but I was in Virginia so I also added boots, a cozy vest and a big purple coat. Now that we're in desertland my Frocktober is looking quite different!

Yesterday at work I was surprised with this fun teal happy birthday necklace, a big happy birthday banner, confetti, and of course a giant box of cupcakes. I can't contain my glee that I work in an office that loves to celebrate with food. 

Then came my birthday party, which was also all about the food and I'm still savoring the memory of it this morning. Happy sigh. 

Everybody knows that s'mores are the sweet heavenly angels of childhood desserts.
Sure, they're a pain to make because they're sticky and messy and time-consuming, but that's part of the righteous victory of making them.
They're best eaten while camping, permeated with smoke and freedom.
Last night we recreated the brilliant exhilaration of the wilderness for my birthday, but we upped the ante a bit. We added a gypsyland of twinkle lights.

We had a s'mores bar, guys. It was such a genius idea, and I'm gonna go ahead and say I came up with it, and that Pinterest had no part in it whatsoever. I'm a terrible liar, but that's the nice thing about blogging - you can't even see my lying face.

To be honest this was nothing like camping because there was an actual bathroom available, the fire was huge (which would maybe mean death in the woods), and we had a fancy s'mores bar table with recipe cards and everythang. Baron Von Bacon, anyone?

Graham Cracker + Reese's Cup + Sliced Bananas + Marshmallow
Graham Cracker + Dark Chocolate + Sliced Strawberries + Marshmallow
Graham Cracker + White Chocolate + Mashed Blackberries + Marshmallow
Graham Cracker + Mounds Bar + Caramel Drizzle + Marshmallow
Graham Cracker + Mint Chocolate + Marshmallow
Graham Cracker + Caramel-filled Chocolate + Bacon + Marshmallow

There was a perfect little group of us, friends and family alike. The backyard was home base. There were chairs spread out in the desert around a mini marshmallow roasting fire. Because trying to marshmallow roast on a bonfire is the ultimate doom. You will never succeed. If you're lucky, your armhairs will be the only burn victims.
There was also gypsyland, which was an ideal lounge area because it's close to the kitchen and feels like a close cousin to neverland.

I think my favorite s'more combinations were the Black & White and the Baron Von Bacon. They were the most unusual and the most surprisingly delicious of the bunch! You definitely can't go wrong with a traditional s'more, or the Nutty Banana. Those sliced bananas add a delightful creaminess to the whole experience.

It was such a beautiful night. I loved every second. Gathering together for creative s'more-making is my idea of a very merry un-birthday in heaven. (Because we won't age there. Huzzah!).

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